This is an embroidery pattern from Sarah Jane Studios, I love how it turned out! I made it for Miss Surrelley, of course. The border is the same fabric I used for Arianna’s quilt so since they share a room it’ll coordinate a little. :) I have another pattern, although the girl is different, that I’m working on for Kate, I’m THIS CLOSE to having it done.

My coworker is VERY close to having her baby. When I saw this pattern I had to make them.  Thankfully they’re pretty


During a browsing session on pinterest, (do you love pinterest?  I sure do…) I came across a tiny knit chicken.  The pattern was from this book and was a free download here.  I made a run to the local yarn store (which isn’t all that local),  and about 30 minutes later had this cute little guy…


Isn’t he adorable?

Mod Times Quilt by auburn2001grad
Mod Times Quilt, a photo by auburn2001grad on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

I don’t usually post my quilts over here, I figure not all 6 people who read my blog are into quilting. :) I post my crafty things over at but thought I might as well post this hear too.

Twin Fibers hosted a quilt a long some time ago and I made myself a pretty blue quilt during that, and I’ve used the pattern several times over. I love how intricate it looks. It’s not all that hard although it’s not the easiest quilt on the planet either. It’s worth it though, I just love it.

This is my third Mod Times Quilt, I made this for a friend of mine at work expecting her first girl in the middle of March. Her nursery colors are pink, green and brown and this Monaluna fabric combined all of those really well.

It’s backed with some minky goodness from Hobby Lobby, it’s a super soft green with white polka dot print. I love using those types of fabric for backings, it makes it so cozy. :)

Kate's New Accessory by auburn2001grad
Kate’s New Accessory, a photo by auburn2001grad on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Kate and Dash were playing on the slide at McDonald’s a week ago and somehow got tangled up on the way down… John and I thought maybe she just twisted her knee but she woke up later from a nap crying and not wanting to walk on it. John took her to the pediatrician who x-rayed it an told him he had about 45 minutes to get to Huntsville to get a cast for her. Turns out the twisted knee was really a hairline fracture in her tibia. :( She’s such a champ though, she hasn’t complained once and she gets around almost as fast as she does without it. Lucky for us because it weighs a ton. :) She goes back February 22nd to have it checked but he said expect for her to wear it another week after that. Boo. Four years and 2 kids though and this is our first broken bone… I have to say I thought it would be Dash. :)

Since I added this blog to my own domain and didn’t go straight through word press I didn’t think I could use the wordpress app but I just needed to do an upgrade.  Hooray!!  Apologies in advance for the upcoming phone pictures. ;-)    at least my phone has a pretty decent camera. ;-)

Comic strip nails by auburn2001grad
Comic strip nails, a photo by auburn2001grad on Flickr.

I know this is random, I normally wouldn’t post a picture of my feet. Lord only knows what kind of spam this will generate. =) I saw this on here: and thought it might work with comic strips. It does! =) You paint your nail and let it dry, then put rubbing alcohol on it, I just used a cotton ball. Then you press the newspaper on to your nail, you REALLY have to press it, then pull it off like a tattoo. Super easy and cute. ;)

There is a type of quilt called a cathedral window, and I’ve always wanted to try it. It looks so hard! I couldn’t figure out how in the world they do it. I found a tutorial on Moda, they have a great website with free “recipes” for quilts. And it was a pillow so I thought well I can do that.

Here’s the link to the tutorial.

And here’s what I came up with:


First, I love this pillow, from a distance I think it looks pretty great. Up close… meh, it was my first one. :)

The fabric is from a line called Monaluna (who has an awesome blog, by the way…) and the pink and white are kona cotton. I got John to buy me a whole pile of this fabric for my birthday, the rest of it will be a new wave quilt by Oh Fransson, that one is in the works. Kate has alerady claimed this pillow, it looks sweet sitting on her bed. That girl is a sucker for pillows and blankets. =)

We have a teeny tiny garden, we set aside a little hunk of yard and dug up the grass, dumped some miracle grow moisture control and some muck from our pond in there and planted four heads of lettuce and four tomatoes. We finally were able to pick the first tomato this weekend.

Dash did the honors:


While this looks like they were sweetly sharing, they were not. =) Dash was sharing, Kate was grabbing.


They might be related. If you look close enough you can see where Kate got some teeth marks on the tomato. =)


We sat right down in the yard and devoured that sucker. There’s nothing more summer than a ripe tomato fresh from the garden and still warm from the sun. Yum!

When I made that giant quilt for Kate, I had a ton of scraps left over. Recently I found this tutorial and decided it was perfect for all those scraps! I quickly cut them all down to blocks and ironed them onto my base fabric, and then it sat there forever waiting for me to quilt it. =) I finally finished it this weekend and love it! Aneela Hoey rocks for sharing that tutorial, especially for free!



I should have done something like this first. The size of it was so easy to manage while I was quilting. This one is going to go over Kate’s bed as soon as I can part with it over my sewing machine. =)

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